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About me

My name is Alina Gamza. I am a lifestyle and reportage photographer.

Perhaps here would be where I would tell a story about how I was born with a camera in my hand and my first word was “aperture”. It did not happen that way though. In my childhood, I collected Anne Geddes greeting cards and adored the photos in National Geographic… but, otherwise, I have restricted myself to taking commemorative photos during family trips for most of my life.


That is, until I was pregnant! Like many mothers I suppose, I started to dream about taking beautiful photos of my child. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Just before the birth, I came across the Child Photography Academy… and I was lost. I spent almost all the baby’s naps during my maternity leave completing successive courses. After I returned to work, I could rely on my husband’s support to care for our baby son – and so I kept on training!

My family matters most to me. My nearest and dearest have inspired me to grab the camera and capture the everyday life of our family.  I’ve been practising my skills for a very long time by taking pictures of my son, husband and our dog, until 2019, when I felt ready to offer my services to the world out there.

In March 2021 I became an Accredited Child Photographer, which is the highest recognition awarded by the Child Photography Academy.  

Akredytowany Fotograf Rodzinny www.alinagamzafotografia.pl

What are my photographic aspirations?

They say that speaking out about one’s desires helps make them come true – so…

I would like to become a “full-time” family photographer and accompany families during the important (or even less important but still beautiful) moments of their life. And then watch them enjoy returning to the photos years later and get emotional as they recall what their daily life used to be like.

I wish to help women who run their companies become more successful and develop their brands with splendid personal branding photos. To feel the pride together with them in the emotional, genuine photos posted on their social media, websites or LinkedIn.

I would like to develop my unique style so that people would know I am the author of the unsigned photos they are looking at. I would like to reach a stage where the less experienced would want to learn about photography from me. 

Finally, I would like my professional life to be increasingly filled with taking photos.

Keep your fingers crossed!

3 things you might not know about me

1.I love studying. I have two BAs in English Studies, an MA in American Studies and three post-graduate studies: Human Resources Management at WSE (Tischner European University), Rhetoric (sic!) at UJ (Jagiellonian University in Kraków) and Employer Branding at AGH (University of Science and Technology). In addition, I have completed lots of photography courses and workshops; you will find the list of them below.

2.On a daily basis, I manage recruitment teams in a corporation based in Kraków. Mindfulness and curiosity about others at my full-time job prove to be very helpful in photography. The stability also enables me to release my creativity and develop as a photographer without pressure. 

3.I love to be fascinated! Like every mum I suppose, I love being fascinated by my child and how fast he is developing. I also love to be fascinated by new sites I visit on my travels or… Netflix series. I’m talking about shots obviously – the light, frames and colours. I have perceived everything I see differently since I started to love photography!   

Alina Gamza Fotografia

Major courses, training sessions and workshops:

  • Pixel Heart – a 12-month mentoring programme in family documentary photography, oriented at building a portfolio and unique style, since August 2020
  • Pani Woźna Fotografia i Anna Król Photography – two-day stationary workshop in lifestyle family photography and  marketing for photographers, March 2021
  • Lifestylowo-naturalnie – mentoring in lifestyle photography, February – August 2020
  • Lifestylowo-naturalnie – a stationary workshop in lifestyle in-home photography, February 2020
  • MK Slowinski Photography – two-day stationary workshops in studio and outdoor Fine Art  photography, July 2019
  • Julia Zarkh – two-day stationary outdoor workshops in “Children and Family Photography”, June 2019
  • Maua Fotografia – a stationary workshop in newborn photography, May 2019
  • Sercem Malowane Sylwia Szewczyk – a one-to-one stationary workshop in child photography with studio lighting, April 2019
  • Iwona Podlasińska – a stationary course in child photography, November 2018
  • Iza Faber – a stationary flash photography workshop, October 2018
  • Basiolandia Photography – two-day stationary workshops in child photography with family session elements, August 2018
  • Child Photography Academy – the entire elementary path and the advanced path courses completed: The Photoshop Planet, Colour Processing and Correction as well as Professional Reportage Processing
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