The terms and conditions of a session

These terms and conditions are drawn up to clarify the rules for the cooperation between you, hereinafter referred to as the “CLIENT”, and me, hereinafter referred to as the “PHOTOGRAPHER”, and to ensure a smooth and trouble-free session.

    1. Before the session, every Client receives a link to these terms and conditions and is obliged to read them. By making an appointment for the photo session, you accept these terms and conditions that substitute an agreement on paper.
    2. A person who wishes to have such a session shall provide the Photographer with their full name, e-mail address and phone number to facilitate contact concerning the photographic service in order to agree upon session details, create an online gallery where the Client would select photos for further processing or perform the service, for example. The data shall not be given to any other party. When the Client provides their data, they consent to its processing as part of these services.
    3. On the session day, I will ask you to sign the confirmation that you have read the terms and conditions as well as a GDPR form.
    4. Before you make an appointment for a session, please enquire about the available dates.
    5. Once we make an appointment, a non-returnable deposit of PLN 100 shall be paid to the following bank account: Alina Gamza, 20 1050 1722 1000 0022 1420 6167 to book the date.
    6. The consideration for the photo session shall be paid in cash on the session day or by bank transfer by the session day. I shall not send any files until I have received the full payment.
    7. The sessions are held in Kraków. Travel to the Client’s place or a location outside Kraków shall be subject to an additional charge of PLN 1/km.
    8. For an outdoor session, it shall be possible to change the session date due to adverse weather conditions, such as torrential rain or a storm, and the deposit shall not be forfeited.
    9. If the Client is ill, we shall also make a new appointment and the deposit shall not be forfeited either.
    10. In case of the Photographer’s illness or other force majeure events, the Photographer reserves the right to postpone the session without any consequences.
    11. The Client shall arrive for the session on time. If the Client is late or cannot arrive, they shall inform the Photographer thereof at least 30 minutes before the session is to start.
    12. By participating in the session, the Client accepts the Photographer’s image processing and style and shall not demand any changes against the Photographer’s sense of aesthetics.
    13. The Client shall receive a link to an online gallery within 7 days from the session. The Client shall select as many shots as provided for in the package chosen. It shall not be possible to change the package after the session. The Client shall inform the Photographer about the package amount no later than on the session day.
    14. The Client shall receive as many processed photos as provided for in the package chosen. Every additional shot shall be paid for according to the price list posted on the website.
    15. The Client shall receive the exact number of photos they have purchased. It shall not be possible to receive the “remaining” photos, i.e. RAW images or processed photos free of charge.
    16. The Client shall receive the processed photos by electronic means within 3 weeks from the confirmation of the selected photos and payment for the additional shots.
    17. After the order fulfilment, the Photographer shall store the processed photos for 6 months. Afterwards, the photos shall be deleted from the drive irretrievably.
    18. Prints and albums may be sent by InPost Machines or the Polish Mail. The shipping charge is PLN 15. The bank transfer details are the same as the details for booking a session date: Alina Gamza, bank account no.: 20 1050 1722 1000 0022 1420 6167.
    19. The Client declares that they have seen my portfolio and accept my postproduction style and overall aesthetics of the photos I take and thus shall not interfere with the processing of the photos received.
    20. The consent to the publishing of photos shall be free and agreed on a case-by-case basis. With your consent, I can showcase my work; therefore, I wish to post photos on my website, blog and social platforms as well as in printed promotional material (e.g. leaflets). You may decide whether to give your consent on the session day or once you see the gallery. According to law, you may withdraw your consent to the sharing of your image(s) at any time.
    21. As provided for by law, the Photographer holds the copyright to the photos. The purchase of photos does not involve ownership as defined by copyright law.
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